iPhone X Review

iPhone X after one month.

I’ve owned iPhone 4, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s Plus, and they all were generally the same. They all looked very similar on the front with the home button, and rectangle display, until the iPhone X came along. iPhone X removed the home button, the first button to be removed from an iPhone.


During my first day with iPhone X, that one button made it a puzzle using the device as each button combination does something new. However, once I understood the new buttons, I came to prefer them over the old ones. I’ve heard many complaints with the new control center gesture, but I don’t have any issues with it.

  • Power- Press Side Button
  • Apple Pay- Double Press Side Button
  • Siri- Hold Side Button
  • Screenshot- Side button + Volume Up
  • Power Down- Side Button + Volume
  • Notification Center- Swipe Down From Left Ear
  • Control Center- Swipe Down From Right Ear


The design is very similar to the iPhone 4, with a glass back. These edges are rounded instead of abrupt, making it harder to tell where one material ends and the other begins, which looks stunning. When holding it in your hand, it fells like one piece. The only issue with the glass back, is that its, well, glass. Glass is very slippery, especially when the device is warm. It’s also highly breakable. The rounded corners of the display fit perfectly inside the frame, making it nice and consistent.

iPhone X comes in two colors: Space Gray and Silver, although both have a black front. The silver does a better job of hiding finger prints on the glass back, but the space gray has a protective coating over the stainless steel, so it doesn’t scratch as easily. I ended up choosing the silver, although it doesn’t make much of a difference if you have a case.


The display on the iPhone X is gorgeous. It’s a tad narrower than my previous iPhone, but much taller. iPhone X features a 2436 X 1125 resolution, at 458 pixels per inch. The colors are far more vibrant, at 1,000,000:1 contrast, compared to 1,300:1. TrueTone and HDR is a nice addition.

Water & Dust

iPhone X is also IP67 certified and dust resistant, so it can withstand water immersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. I’ve non intentionally tested this in slush, and it works!


The camera on iPhone X is crisp, clear, and fantastic. Portrait Lighting takes time to get, but once you get the angle and distance, the outcome is remarkable. Below is an example (unedited). 4K video on the device is also amazing.

iPhone X’s camera also has another unique function Animoji. It works as intended, and has actually been a lot of fun.



One of the things I overlooked when upgrading from my iPhone 6s Plus was the new stereo speakers. Much louder and clearer.

The Notch

I’ve seen many complaints about the iPhone X’s “Notch”, and they’re exaggerated. The notch is actually well-integrated into the design of iOS, and it doesn’t obstruct anything important. It would’ve been easier for Apple to just make it a bezel, but they pushed the display as tight as currently possible. It also makes it a great design for augmented reality, so it feels more like its right there. That notch is the best damn part of the phone.


I have yet to use wireless charging, as I’m holding out for AirPower in 2018.

iPhone X is a fast phone, and is much faster than any other iOS device. The A11-Bionic chip is a beast.

Overall, iPhone X is an excellent phone. The camera is simply remarkable, the display is gorgeous, and the notch is packed full of tech.

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