AirPods Review

AirPods, Apple’s wireless headphones, are the best in-ear wireless headphones on the market. Although there are other runner-ups like Beats X, they don’t give you the complete freedom that AirPods give.


AirPods are two small, in-ear headphones that come with a case, named The Charging Case. In addition to the battery within each AirPod, the case itself has a battery, which adds around 24 hours of listening time. I haven’t encountered any problems with AirPods battery life while listening to music, watching movies & even producing music.

The AirPods charging speed is noticeably high. According to Apple, 15 minutes of charge give you three hours of power.


Pairing AirPods with your iPhone is a seamless process. Simply open the case near the device, and press connect. That connection will sync to all of your iCloud devices, so you don’t need to unpair and repair. AirPods work with iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, iPad, and Apple TV. Android devices are compatible, but it doesn’t work with the smart functions such as double-tapping.


AirPods don’t have any buttons, but the headphones themselves are touch-enabled. So, you can choose two different functions for double-tapping each AirPod. Functions include Siri, next song, previous song and play/pause.


It has an excellent microphone to talk to Siri and answer phone calls.

Using AirPods

They are made especially for sports. You can run or do any other exercise without worrying about your AirPods falling out. And, if you’ve got an Apple Watch, this is a great companion for it, and they make workouts much easier.

You can even use only one AirPod at a time, meaning you can listen to music with your friend.

What are your thoughts on AirPods? Let us know in the comments!

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