Apple TV (4th Generation) Review

The Apple TV is starting to age a bit now, so is it still worth it? With its all-black design, it will blend in with any set up (apart from an all white one, like mine).

I’ve been an avid Apple TV user for a long time, but after smart TVs hit the market for the mid-range, I never found a need to upgrade from my Apple TV 3, which got left to collect dust. But, last year, I made the plunge back to Apple TV and I’m happy to report it was worth it. But why?


With an A8 processor, I have found it super fast and have never seen it slow down or lag when navigating around tvOS. Apps open quickly and will stay open in the background for a while even if you open a few others.


tvOS is super slick and easy to use. Even when my grandmother comes around, she can navigate it no problem. Stay tuned for our full review of tvOS coming soon. In a quick round-up, tvOS looks great with its grid home screen that’s similar to iOS. It also makes setup easy with just a simple Bluetooth pairing with an iOS device.

Plus, the introduction of the App Store made it more than just something to watch TV on. You can now play mobile style games such as Crossy Road and Asphalt Racing using the Siri remote, that was new with this generation, and much more. The remote has a trackpad at the top, which I have found very useful to help me navigate around the OS and play games just like how I would on a phone or tablet, making it very user-friendly.

One thing that drew me away from Apple TV 4 was the fact that tvOS’s App Store lacked the Amazon Prime video app that my smart TV supports, but now, finally, this is no longer an issue and you can find Prime Video in the App Store.


The design of the Apple TV is one that I love and I think its one of the best looking TV boxes you can buy. It is designed to fade away into your TV setup, and when I had a dark one, it did this perfectly, but now I have a white setup and it blends less. One thing I can recommend doing if you have a similar problem is what I did: getting a skin for your Apple TV from a company such as dbrand.

Apple TV 4 launched with 32 or 64 GB models, I got the 32GB one and it is the only thing I regret about my purchase; I often run into storage problems due to the fact I’m always finding new and exciting apps on the store.

The Verdict

At $149, compared to similar offerings from Roku and the Andriod TV space, it’s quite expensive but if you are well integrated into the Apple ecosystem, it is worth the price tag.

The OS, remote, and app store are all good reasons to buy. Sadly the 64GB is no longer available on Apple’s site, but if you can find one, it’s worth the upgrade if you are a someone who likes lots of apps like me.

What about the 4K Apple TV? Check out our comparison between the two here.

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