iPhone 5s Review and How it Performs on iOS 11.3

I’ve owned the iPhone 5, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and now, the iPhone 5s. I chose the 16GB Silver configuration. Along with the iPhone, I purchased both a case and screen protector.


iOS 11.3 so far improves performance, and I haven’t noticed any battery drain. This may just be my device that may not be throttled, but we will find out in later betas of iOS 11.3.


iOS 11.3’s design is very similar to earlier versions of iOS 11, but the iBooks app has been renamed “Books”.


The screen is a 4.0 inch LCD display, sharing the same screen as the later-released iPhone SE. This model brings a battery that will get through the day, if you buy one used, you may have reduced battery life, but later betas of iOS 11.3 should address that and throttling. This iPhone is not qualified for the battery replacement program offered by Apple, sadly. The battery is 1560 mAh, but may be reduced over use. Again, later betas of iOS 11.3 should address all battery issues.


The iPhone 5s’ speakers are not too bad, considering the age of the device. With one speaker on the bottom, they’re loud and clear. I wouldn’t say their the best speakers ever, but they get the job done. I love listening to music or watching a video on the device. The software of iOS 11.3 takes advantage of these speakers.


The camera on the iPhone is not too bad in terms of specs. It features the same camera as the iPod touch 6th generation, which is still sold by Apple. I don’t believe in using the iPhone 5s as a native shooter, but it gets the job done when your really need it, or if you are on a tight budget. iOS 11 gives it more flexibility, making it a much more powerful camera within the software.


The A7 chip is the first CPU in a cell phone with 64‑bit architecture which easily runs iOS. It runs iOS 7-10 great, but iOS 11 degraded the performance. Again, later betas of iOS 11.3 should address that issue.

Overall, I really like the iPhone 5s. I think the killer feature of the iPhone 5s is its similar looks to the iPhone SE, which could let you look more modern at a cheaper price point, but the iPhone SE 2 may change that. I’ve used it since I got it and performance hasn’t been too bad, with it being four years old and still running the latest version of iOS. I believe it’s worth the price. The hardware is top-notch with the iPhone SE and 6s. It takes advantage of iOS 11, especially iOS 11.3, and is very similar in performance to some of the latest iPhones.

  • No Touch ID (2nd Generation)
  • The A7 is slowing down in iOS 11
  • Still no real file system to browse and edit system files
  • Some parts feel very scrunched together due to the smaller screen

What do you think? Comment below.

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