iPhone SE – Two Year Anniversary Review

I entered the Apple ‘ecosystem’ by purchasing the iPhone 3Gs, later upgrading to the 4s, 6s, and now the X. Recently I got my hands on the SE – it’s been two years since it was announced, does it still operate like a modern iPhone should?


Yes, it’s two years old now. So what? It runs extremely well: testing it side by side with the iPhone X, the SE is almost as fluent and responsive. Running the A9 chip, the SE has the 6s internals in the 5s shell. The A9 chip does not disappoint as it is able to perform all the normal tasks you’d expect an iPhone would. It even executes them quickly and efficiently.


The iPhone SE is carrying with it a 12 megapixel camera, which is the same as the 6s. It’s important to mention that all iPhones starting with the 6s have 12 megapixel cameras, only with some enhancements over time. That’s impressive. The device can record 4k videos at 30fps. Wow. Using it as a phone and a camera works very well, you don’t feel like you’re using an older phone camera: it’s that good.


The SE was built with the intention of bringing another phone to iPhone 5 / 5s users who didn’t like the size of the 6 / 6s family. The 4-inch Retina display is powerful and sharp, impressive for an LCD of that size. Using it, you can display all of your content on its compact screen, great for those who prefer smaller phones.


Another bonus of the SE is its price point. As of 2018, the device starts at just $349. That is a bargain compared to other iPhones, the 8 is starting at $699 and the X is starting at $999 (all prices in USD). The SE is not missing out on anything, it’s amazing for its price without any compromise.


The iPhone SE is genuinely a remarkable device, running iOS 11 smoothly, taking sharp and beautiful photos with vibrant colors, and just being used it for everyday tasks. If you’re looking to enter the Apple ‘ecosystem’ or just want a powerful device without a hefty price tag, the iPhone SE is for you.

What do you think? Comment below.

Published by Tom Harpaz

Writer and photographer located in Silicon Valley!

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