1. It is impossible to downgrade on watchOS without bringing it in for service. On rare occasions, the watchOS beta has been known to fail during installation, requiring service.

2. Developer betas are still early and do contain bugs and issues. Backup your devices prior in iTunes, not iCloud. It’s not recommended to install beta software on your primary devices.

3. Previous software profiles must be uninstalled prior to updating. Update will not be visible if not removed.

4. For certain hardware repairs, Apple requires a downgrade to the shipping version of iOS, including screen repairs. If you plan on getting your device fixed, it’s recommended to do that prior to joining the beta program.

5. Betas generally improve over time

6. Please note that Spectrum Report is not responsible for any issues you many experience during this beta period and you are proceeding at your own risk.


iOS 13 Beta Profile

Developer Version

iPadOS 13 Beta Profile

Developer Version

macOS Catalina Beta Profile

Developer Version

watchOS 6 Beta Profile

Developer Version

tvOS 13 Beta Profile

Developer Version

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