Upcoming iPad Products

Based on Rumors, History, and Leaks

iPad Pro with improved processors, improved camera, and possible mini-LED display.

iPad Air with improved processors

iPad Mini with improved processors

iPad 10.2-inch with improved processors

Which Budget iPad
is Right for You?

iPad 10.2”
Budget Consumer

  • 10.2-inch Display

iPad Mini
General Consumer

  • High Quality 7.9-inch Display
  • No Smart Keyboard Support
  • Modern Processor

iPad Air
General Consumer

  • High Quality 10.5-inch Display
  • Modern Processor

Which iPad Pro
is Right for You?

iPad Pro 11”

  • Compact Design
  • Long & Narrow Display

iPad Pro 12.9”
More Space

  • Full Size Software Keyboard
  • More Space

What storage size should I get?

iPad comes in a large range of storage sizes from 32GB to 1TB. For those who are primarily using it for web browsing and email with limited downloads, 32GB Or 64GB should be just enough. For those who plan on having pictures or music downloaded, we suggest on opting for an 128GB or 256GB tier. For those who have many pictures, music, or videos downloaded, we suggest 512GB or 1TB.

Thanks to iPadOS and iCloud, many files including photos and videos can be offloaded from the devices local storage in favor of cloud storage.

12MP Photos
About 4GB-5GB Per 1000 Photos

4K Video
About 1GB Per 3 Minute Video

iTunes Movies/TV Shows
About 4GB-10GB

Can iPad Replace My Laptop?

One of the most common questions for iPad buyers- can it replace my laptop or computer outright. We cannot paint everyone with a broad brush, however the majority of casual users- especially with the launch of iPadOS- will find iPad a welcome replacement. The biggest advice we can give is to familiarize yourself with the iPad’s abilities and shortcomings, and see how that will fit into your workflow. The iPad cannot do as much as a classic computer, but the iPad does its shorter selection of tasks very well.

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