Apple Park

Apple Park is the new headquarters of Apple Inc. It officially opened in April 2017, joining their Infinite Loop Campus.

At A Glance


Employees at Apple Park

$5 Billion

Expected Cost

175 Acre

Grounds of Apple Park


Renewably Powered

Employee Life

Apple Park has 7 cafes, with the biggest one expected to sit 3000 people. One of the Cafe’s feature several glass doors that are 92 ft tall, and weigh 440,000 pounds apiece. Apple also has a patent for a pizza box, to prevent food from getting soggy.

Wellness Center
A 100,000 square feet wellness/fitness center is located on the northwest end of Apple Park, and can serve up to 20,000 employees around Cupertino.

Parking is built both underground and in two large parking structures accommodating approximately 14,200 employees. It will also feature about 700 electric vehicle charging ports, and 2000 bike parking stations.

Apple Park features several miles of cycling and jogging trails.

For Visitors

The Visitor Center is a uniquely designed architectural extension of the new campus with similar aesthetics in staircases, stone walls and terrazzo floors. The Visitor Center’s cantilevered carbon fiber roof appears to float and is only supported by stone clad cores and no other extraneous columns for support. The North Tantau Avenue Visitor Center is a two-story 20,135 sq ft structure which features an observation deck, cafe, and Apple Store.

Steve Jobs Theater

Steve Jobs Theater is Apple’s new auditorium at Apple Park. This auditorium is a beast in comparison to its old auditorium, both in size and price. This new auditorium has 1000 seats, and costs about $14,000,000, average of $14,000 per seat.

Apple’s old auditorium, “Town Center” holds about 300 people. Steve Jobs theater will likely host all of Apple’s events, excluding WWDC which demands over 4000 seats.

Inside Apple Park

Inside the main building, the inner and outer part of the ring are left as walkways, with offices in-between. The furniture inside the campus are from maple sourced from over 19 different countries. Hollow, breathable concrete slabs act as the buildings floors, ceilings, and HVAC system. A total of 4,300 slabs are used for the building, some weighting 60,000 pounds.

Green Space

Steve Jobs wanted the building to look less like an office building, and more like a natural refuge, so Apple Park is over 80% green space. Inside the circle of the campus, Apple has a 30-acre park with fruit trees and winding pathways inspired by fruit orchards of California. A pond,  will also be on the inner circle. Apple plans on planting over 9000 trees, and 300 varieties of indigenous species.

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