Apple Pay

After many rumors and speculation of what Apple would bring as a Google Wallet competitor, Apple Pay was officially announced on September 9th, 2014. CEO Tim Cook pitched the service as a replacement of the wallet, by the foundation of how the smartphone is the hub of our digital lives, being able to pay with is the ultimate convenience. 

During the keynote, Apple said they will use an NFC chip to power the service in a secure, private-first manner. iPhone 6 & IPhone 6 Plus were the first devices equipped with the feature. Later that day Apple Watch was also announced with Pay capabilities, though with no biometric authentication.

A month later, and with the support of many major partnerships with banks and retailers, Apple Pay was released with an overall positive reception. Expanding to web payments later, the service has brought a much needed expansion of mobile payments to mainstream consumers in the US and also other countries. 

Over the years, competition has arrived in the form of both Android and Samsung Pay; and while Googles competitor works with the same basic technology, Samsung’s alternative has a legitimate advantage in the form of the MST chip, which allows it to work in any card reader that supports traditional magnetic cards.

With the release of iOS 10 and macOS High Sierra, Apple Pay expanded to websites. This made it so it wouldn’t require an App to use the service.

At WWDC in June 2017, Apple announced Apple Pay Cash- which allows users to send and request money to others-within iMessage.

Compatible Devices

Apple Watch
Any Model
Works in Stores, within apps, within transit systems, person to person.

iPhone 6 & Later
Works in stores, within apps, on the web in Safari, within transit systems, person to person, in Business Chat.

Touch-ID or Face ID Equipped iPad Required
Works within apps, on the web in Safari, person to person, in Business Chat

Touch-ID equipped Mac or a Mac model introduced in 2012 or later with an Apple Pay-enabled iPhone or Apple Watch required
Works on the web in Safari, in Business Chat

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