What is HomeKit?

HomeKit was created by Apple in 2014 to let users control all of their smart home devices in one place. HomeKit is tightly integrated with iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and audioOS to bring advanced functionality and security. For example, you can control your lights by saying “Hey Siri, turn on my bedroom lights”.

Alongside with iOS 10 in 2016, Apple introduced the Home app. This brought a visual way to manage and use smart home devices. When you use Home app, it gives you the ability to organize your accessories intro rooms (Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Garage, etc). You can also organize into zones (upstairs, downstairs, outside, etc).

What is a home hub?

A home hub is a device that is always home and on. The home hub allows users to access their accessories remotely and enable automations. Users can set a modern iPad, Apple TV, or HomePod as the home hub.

What are scenes?

Scenes allows users to set multiple accessories at once with a tap of a button.

  • I’m Home- You could have your garage door open, and the lights could turn on
  • Good Night- You could have the lights turn off
  • Create your own- Have the lights change color, or anything you want.
What are automations?

Automations allow users to have you accessories perform automatically based on location, time, motion, or occupancy.

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